Welcome to Studio Midhall

We create unique and engaging board games narrated in the same universe

Based in Malmö, Sweden, we are board game publishers with a love for games with asymmetrical gameplay and little to no randomness.

We aim to make games filled with amazement, that offers gameplay that is both exciting and deep

We are currently hard at work with our very first game: Beast


  • AWSHUX Spring

    23/04-25/04, 2021

    AwShux spring. 'A digital event where we bring a few of our favourite bits of the physical show and contort them into an online world, 100% free for attendees.'

  • Gothcon

    02/04 - 04/04, 2021

    GothCon is an annual gaming convention held in Gothenburg, Sweden every year around Easter. Its focus lies primarily on role-playing games, card games, board games and miniature wargames.

  • Fastval

    31/03 - 04/04, 2021

    Fastaval is Denmark’s biggest role-playing and board games convention. Every Easter, close to 1000 people, gather in Hobro to share their common passion for roleplaying and board games and to be part of a unique community.